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Saturday, April 17, 2004

I saw Silversun Pickups last Friday. It was a very good show. They played a song I had never heard before at the end that had the word "Silversun" in the lyrics and had verses that were just these three keyboard notes and the singer carrying them. And the cellist played as well, which is always nice.
My friend bought another copy of the Sunset Junction demos CD, and this one DID have a bonus track. It's at track 23, and it's the song that goes "So much for the lightshow..." It's another great song. The rumor I heard is that each demo CD has a different bonus track at the end, for a total of like 15 additional songs or something. I am tempted to buy the whole stack of demo CDs next time I see them to get all the songs.
Also, they were selling this compilation called "Songs From the Ship," that has a bunch of the bands that Silversun plays with, like Pine Marten, Panty Lions, Irving, Let's Go Sailing, Rex Aquarium, and some others. Silversun does "Lazy Eye," and I think it's the same recording as on the Sunset Junction CD but it's mixed and mastered more cleanly. The CD is packaged in this incredible cloth sleeve. My guess is that they would have it at Sea Level.
Oh, you should go to that website, too: www.sealevelrecords.com. They are a great indie record store in Echo Park that is reminiscent of the old No Life shop from back in the day.
Anyway, the comp. is excellent. I had never heard a few of these bands, but they all seem pretty good on first listen.

Friday, April 09, 2004

I got this note in an e-mail -- you should check out these other bands' sites... both bands have free mp3s to listen to on there.

"I think it's a cool site, no matter what your age. Since there doesn't seem to be anything else out there on the Web for them, you should keep it going! You should put up some links to some other local bands, like http://letsgosailingmusic.com (I know a member of the Pickups and that band is the same) or http://pablobrazil.com. :-)"

That was nice to get. Does that mean someone actually stumbled across this?
Silversun Pickups are playing tonight at Spaceland, opening for Electralene. Tickets are $8. I figure they'll go on somewhere around 9-ish?

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